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  • Michael Fallanca

Ask Mike: Can you make friends without being in the party scene?

By Mike Fallanca

Absolutely. I dedicated my entire freshman year to the party scene. Did I make friends? Yes. But let's be real, partying is draining physically and mentally. I stepped away from partying for quite a while after my first year and a half at school. During this time is when I met a majority of my greatest friends at college, without having to compromise my education or continue to add size to my new beer belly. If you think that partying is the only way to make friends on campus, I think there are some truly great alternatives that can introduce you to a wide variety of people. I was lucky enough to meet my friends in courses for my new major. This meant I had someone to talk to before, after, and sometimes during class, but I also had people to hang out with outside of class, with like minded goals and interests. I highly recommend trying a little small talk to the person who may sit in the row next to you, or stopping to say hey to the person you may not know but see around often. In addition to this, I joined a club. Club fairs happen at the beginning of the semester and offer the opportunity to get involved around campus and meet new people who may like the same music as you, come from the same background, or even share your appreciation for Disney movies. I’d also recommend trying out a club fair to see if there's anything that sparks your interest. Most people who run the clubs are very outgoing so even if you're a bit shy I'm sure they will welcome you with open arms. As vice president of a club myself, I continue to make new friends that span among all four classes here at the Mount. While it can be extremely scary to put yourself out there, I don't think you need to have a drink in hand, or be jumping in the middle of the dance floor to make new friends. Start small, get involved on campus or in class, cause wearing a beer box over your head can only get you so far.

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