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College students are facing lowered self-esteem—self love may help

Mental health concerns are on the rise for college students, according to recent studies. During the 2020-2021 school year, almost three-quarters of students reported experiencing moderate to severe psychological distress, according to the American College Health Association.

This distress comes in many forms, including feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Of course, everyone experiences these differently. However, it’s common for anyone facing mental health challenges to experience lowered self-esteem as a result.

One simple way to help keep feelings of lowered self-esteem at bay is to try practicing self-love on a regular basis. This can look different for everyone, but the main goal is to prioritize your own health, mental health, and well-being. For many people, it can be helpful to remember certain qualities they truly admire about themselves.

Mount Saint Mary College students were recently asked to do just that, with hopes of spreading the benefits of self-love on campus:

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