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Let's talk fashion

By Samantha Spencer

The first-ever annual Fashion Show happened at the Mount on March 1, 2023. Nyla Pichardo, the Fashion Club's president, put so much work into making it perfect, and it truly was. I am honored to be the vice president of the fashion club here at the Mount. I am also the fashion club's social media manager on Instagram, and it is so fun planning what to share with our followers. Fashion means so much to me, and seeing it be a part of a school event was unreal.

Three people won the fashion show for having the best walk and outfit. The prizes were a Marc Jacobs bag, a $400 Nike gift card, and a $150 Visa gift card. It was so nice seeing everyone come together for this event. The models had amazing outfits, and their walks down the runway were spectacular. I hope this is the first of many fashion shows here at the Mount. The fashion club strives to attend a fashion show in Manhattan at the end of the year, which excites me greatly. I have always wanted to attend a fashion show and hope to get to this year.

Fashion has been a huge part of my life since I was a little girl. I have always loved playing dress-up. When I was little, I always tried on princess dresses for my family and did fashion shows for them with different outfits. As I got older, I was the girl walking down the hallway in middle school wearing sparkly converse, with a sparkly shirt and a sparkly matching skirt, while everyone else was wearing sweatpants. I remember this guy I was friends with said to me, "why do you never dress normal? " This not only upset me, but I wondered why it bothered him so much what I wore if it made me happy. The next day I wore no sparkles and dressed "normally." I remember I wore a purple zip-up sweatshirt, normal blue jeans, and ordinary sneakers to prove I could dress "normal." I remember passing him in the hallway that day, and he said," wow, what a change".

I realized at that point that he was trying to bring me down for the fun of it, and that bothered me a lot. The following day I went back to how I liked to dress. Even going into high school, I was never the one in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. I was always the one doing full face makeup and wearing different kinds of fashionable outfits. I remember showing up to gym class and being the only one dressed like that. It just made me happy. I will always be passionate about it because it is my way of expressing myself.

My favorite hobby to this day is doing my makeup, putting together a cute outfit, and taking pictures. I get a lot of my inspiration from many different influencers on Tik Tok. My dream career would be working for a fashion or beauty company. Working for fashion week would be a dream as well.

I believe you should do what you love in life and that the sky's the limit. The only thing that limits you at the end of the day is yourself. It is also important not to care what others think or say about you. As long as you are confident in yourself, that is all that matters.

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