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  • Sean Ocasio

MSMC: BBQ and Lawn Games

There is no doubt that the Mount Saint Mary College community has been questioned recently. There have been more than a few instances of students voicing their concern over the lack of campus events taking place. While not everyone is satisfied with the lack of activity, clubs at the college have sought to bring life back to a campus that has certainly persevered through worse. MAP in association with SGA is determined to remedy concerns with one of their most recent events: BBQ and Lawn Games.

First-Class Company With All the Fixins

There was a sizable turnout for the event on the Sod Field outside Hudson Hall. People went in and out, stopped to chat, talk with friends or just ate some good food! They had all the BBQ classics like burgers, baked mac and cheese, a huge turkey sub sandwich, salad, honey BBQ wings and of course burgers! It was the perfect weather to host an event like this. Even people from other organizations attended briefly for the food. There were a series of school tennis matches happening around us and when they were done they came to mingle and eat. There were plenty of people who simply sat down for a meal and hung out with their friends. It did not have to be as glamorous or eccentric as most social events to just be that earnest get-together with the people they appreciate the most.

Kickin’ it Old School

Cornhole, frisbee and a little bit of tennis thrown in is what made this all anyone may need to have a good time with good people. The ambiance truly captured that backyard nostalgia so ingrained in the childhoods of many. It is important to balance work with leisure and SGA clearly took advantage of that opportunity. Through a proper meal, there is always a chance at some fun, so leave your angst at the door if you plan to go to any events in the near future. Taking advantage of opportunities in college will help ease the load of the everyday humdrum of study and responsibilities. It is good to live a little!

Looking to the Future

The most important aspects of MSMC are the four pillars: community, service, study and spirituality. Without these, college life on campus would not be nearly as impactful or held to such high importance. The students at MSMC are resilient and bright. They are what matters the most to this community; without their input the college would not be the same. It has been quite rough through the myriad of changes that have been occurring on campus with the change in demographics and lifestyles. However, SGA and MAP have been working their hardest to provide more events for the rest of the semester. It would be interesting to see where these fresh ideas can lead going forward, for the campus, and for the students.

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