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My experience with social media

Social media is extremely popular and important for a number of reasons. It keeps people connected, allows them to stay in the loop about current happenings, and allows them to express themselves as creatively as they want.

I have used social media since I was in the fifth grade. I now major in Communications here at the Mount, where many of the projects I do and things I learn have to do with social media. My internship is also based on managing different social media accounts for the company I work for and our numerous clients. I also have grown my social media platforms tremendously. I gained 23,000 followers on TikTok, 2,000 subscribers on Snapchat, and 6,000 followers on Instagram. I love social media and can post what I love most, fashion and makeup content.

Even though social media has been great for me for a number of reasons, it, without a doubt, affects me in a negative way. I do find myself spending a lot of time scrolling on my different social media feeds often. For instance, on TikTok, I can easily spend hours watching my favorite influencers travel to different places for brand trips, such as Alix Earle going to Turk's and Caicos with Tarte. Although it is all very entertaining, I can fall into the trap of watching and watching until it is 2 a.m. and then wonder where all the time went. There have also been many times when I would post something on my social media pages and refresh every few minutes to see how many likes I had received. This is a form of social media addiction. It is so easy to become obsessed with social media, but it is very hard to end this obsession.

I am currently in the works on a school project about social media and how it affects the mental health of young adults. In this project, I had to develop solutions and recommendations for people suffering from social media addiction. It was a friendly reminder to myself to put down my phone.

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