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Social media drama and toxicity

By Samantha Spencer

Recently on TikTok, there was an incident with an influencer, Makayla. She was advertising this popular mascara and did a before and after of what her eyelashes looked like. After people saw the video, they started to realize that it looked as though she had put on false lashes to make the mascara appear like it was amazing when in fact, it most likely was not.

When things like this happen, influencers get so much hate. Although it is understandable for people to be upset by false advertising, and she should not have done that, she gets hate comments saying that everyone needs to cancel her and unfollow her and make comments on her looks.

Hiding behind a screen makes it so much easier for people to be so cruel to people. Mikayla openly speaks about her anxiety and depression that she has to deal with, yet people continue to be so mean. I am always on social media and have seen many people get canceled.

There is a girl who is the "It Girl" on TikTok right now, Alix Earle. She makes videos doing her makeup and just updating everyone on her life. She gained millions of followers in just a few months, but with more followers and increased popularity comes a lot of hate with it as well. While this was occurring, fans of hers were making videos saying they already knew that she would get canceled one way or another.

Although sometimes people or "influencers' do deserve some backlash if it is something bad they did, A lot of the time, it just seems unnecessary and cruel. People began to make videos saying they didn't even think she was pretty and didn't see the hype about her. She also made a video using this hair oil, and people got offended, saying that the hair oil she uses is not meant for people with thin untextured hair.

Social media is beneficial in so many ways, but it also can be extremely detrimental to one's mental health. May this be a reminder that our words are powerful even behind a screen. Spread positivity and realize that these people are human.

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