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Survival guide to final's week

So, you just returned from an extended weekend home and are now thrust back into your tests, projects, assignments, and more. It can seem overwhelming and never-ending, but only a few weeks are left until the end of the semester. So, don't overwork or stress yourself out. Instead, use these five tips to help you survive finals week!

Start your work early!

Procrastination is your worst enemy especially when it comes to finals weeks. The due date may seem far enough to put it off but trust me; those deadlines are approaching fast. Start studying and working on your assignments early. Create a plan to help divide the work, so it feels manageable to get done. You will thank yourself later for not having to cram all of your work the night before.

Make sure you are taking care of yourself and staying rested!

There are 24 hours a day. You can at least dedicate six to eight of those hours to sleep. While an all-nighter may seem like a good idea, it makes you less productive. Not sleeping causes stress and anxiety (I'm sure you will have enough by the end of the semester). Plus, lack of sleep affects your memorization, making studying all night less effective.

When focusing on studying, it may be easy to forget about your other needs, such as food and water. Ensure you are staying hydrated and still eating meals…and that no ramen doesn't count. While it also may seem counterproductive, make sure you are taking breaks for your brain so that you are working most effectively!

Seek support when you need it!

You're not alone. Finals week is also known as hell week, so if you feel yourself slipping or needing help, don't be afraid to ask for it. If you are feeling unmotivated, you can talk with some friends or classmates to create a study group to keep each other accountable.

There are also plenty of resources on campus, including but not limited to your teachers, academic coaches, and counseling.

Create a better study space!

Set yourself up for success by choosing the best work environment. Study where you feel most productive. For one person, that can be their bed. For another, their desk, and for someone else, they need to go to a different place like the library. You know yourself best.

Keep the big picture in mind!

While it may seem easy to take the easy way out and just wing it, remember that you are here to learn. Get the most out of your classes by actually studying to learn the material rather than just memorizing and then forgetting everything right after.

Finally, remember that one grade doesn't define you as a student. So if you receive a bad grade or have a drop in your GPA, don't beat yourself up about it.

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